Retrospective on January 2017

Retrospective on January 2017

Some things I’m working on:

  • Enlisted by a doctorate student to proofread and format her dissertation connecting the Arabic Language and Senegalese Visual culture.
  • Aiding the executive director of a D.C. tenant advocacy group with software and technical support, as well as any website update projects.
  • Working with a friend to start up a small Amazon business selling his father’s old hygiene products.
  • Learning Indonesian in order to get another foothold into Southeast Asia culture and politics.
  • Started producing more electronic ambient music, posting to SoundCloud. Will be posting to Bandcamp.
  • Restarted practicing calligraphy; quite rusty at the moment, but hopefully I’ll get nearly back to where I was last year.
  • Going back on the Soylent diet, though I feel as if I’m getting much more farty than usual.
  • Culling down productivity items in order to stay on top of my tasks and work, which has gradually improved over the past month.

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