micronotes: On Defunding Job Training

micronotes: On Defunding Job Training

Alexander Burns for New York Times:

Of acute concern to Republicans are a handful of low-profile programs aimed at job training and economic revitalization, including regional development agencies like the Appalachian commission and the Delta Regional Authority, which serves eight Southern and Midwestern states, seven of them with Republican governors.

“It just seems like you’re going after places that are so pivotal to what you are arguing you wanted to do for your base,” Ms. Rueben said of Mr. Trump’s budget. “They’re cutting all sorts of infrastructure projects and economic development projects at the same time that the president is still talking about how much of an investment he’s going to put into infrastructure.”

Is Trump trying to get rid of everything and then build his own Trump-branded programs? Or does the second part of this promise – to invest in infrastructure and make temporary jobs – not really exist? Defunding important job training and workforce programs – anything for that matter – requires effort to transition these programs to the states or develop plans to soften the blow. This is trampling.

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