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Currently awaiting my clearance to join AmeriCorps’ NCCC-FEMA collaboration, where I will be working from July through May 2018 on disaster preparedness and education.

Have a history of working on visual graphic campaigns, particularly for the Workforce Data Quality Campaign and the U.S. Agency for International Development. I have also volunteered extensively with the Arlington, VA-based BRAVO Tenants, where I’ve helped create graphics, manage ad campaigns, provide technical support, edit video, and manage online projects in order to promote the organization as a leader in tenant advocacy.

Lucky enough to have a graphic featured on First Lady Obama’s Twitter! I believe that the Obama administration took great strides to expand economic development programs in Southeast Asia, and am seeking to make my own mark on the region’s success in the future.

You can find my graphics work on a portfolio website hosted by Carbonmade.


A recent graduate of University of Florida (B.A. in International Relations with a focus on Chinese Economics and Culture). Looking to do some good for disaster preparedness and environmental conservation within the United States and globally.

This blog has to do with such topics. Though, many other times it has to do with interests: music, long-distance hiking, film theory, some pretentious philosophies, etc.

With information tech, we have become inundated with thousands of sources of information each day. Only corporate algorithms are capable of sorting through them all. Human curation still means something. I hope to bring some good content. Because I seem to be finding great stuff everyday.

I am unable to focus on hobbies. I have intermediate knowledge in photography and video-editing. I have working knowledge of graphic and web design. I have spent almost two years with Chinese calligraphy. I make music.